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Staying on top of your health sounds like a very simple task. However, when life throws obstacles in your way, this can become a task that falls to the wayside. Finding time to take care of our own health can be extremely difficult when we are busy tending to the health of others, especially during the holiday season while there are so many other moving parts going on around you.

However, it’s crucial to remember that if you do not make your own health a priority and fall ill, you simply will not be able to help anyone else. This is especially important for caregivers, or mothers with busy schedules tending to their families. Here are some easy, helpful ways to make your health a priority.


The first step in improving your health is recognizing that you may have neglected it due to other priorities in your life. You may also be having feelings you previously haven’t experienced, such as feeling anxious and stressed in your day-to-day lives. There also symptoms that accompany these feelings, such as headaches, trouble sleeping, mood swings, constant feelings of worry, and other negative feelings within those realms. You may also be experiencing general health problems that only add to the stress of your to-do list. If any of these things sound familiar, it’s likely a sign you need to take a step back and re-evaluate your schedule.


If you are experiencing the feelings discussed above, there are certain habits you can develop to help cope with your stress. These can be especially resourceful if the stress you are feeling is apart of an ongoing problem. Practicing deep breathing has been proven to ease stress in the moment, and is a fairly simple practice that is very effective. Within this same idea, relaxing your muscles and meditation can also be helpful as they are both tools that can redirect your attention and immediate feelings.

Another helpful way to balance this stress is time management. Learning to effectively manage your time can open up the door to you having more time to take care of your own health, and put yourself first.


Any professional in the medical industry will tell you how important exercise is, yet most people still neglect this aspect of their health. Exercise can help to reduce and relieve stress and make your body feel better and healthier overall. Start by making a plan that fits your life and your schedule, a plan that is realistic but also helps you meet goals. Once you begin, remember to be consistent! It’s incredibly helpful to do this with a partner, as it will hold both of you accountable!

Balanced Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet can go an incredibly long way in allowing you to feel your best. Your diet and what you consume can have a huge impact on your health, emotional capacity, and energy levels. A balanced diet includes low fats, high fiber, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein sources. Remember to eat regular meals with a variety of these elements, and drink lots of water.

Form Good Habits

Forming good habits you maintain on a day-to-day basis can also be extremely helpful. This starts with your sleeping habits and getting at least eight hours of sleep each night. Establish a sleep routine to help regulate your body’s schedule. Cut out any tobacco use or habits you may have, as their only accomplishment is being detrimental to your health. Also, limit your alcohol consumption and drink in moderation, as alcohol can become a negative habit over time and interrupt your sleep schedule.

The number one thing you can do to maintain your health while caring for others is by receiving routine medical care. This includes dental care, eye care, preventative screenings, routine physicals, etc. Staying on top of these appointments and meeting regularly with professionals is key to taking care of yourself, and maintaining good health.