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Emily Volk

Pathologist and Medical Administrator

Over the past two decades, Emily Volk has worked across the spectrum of patient safety and quality, ensuring that patient safety is a top priority in the healthcare industry. Emily’s responsibilities have included service on the College of American Pathologists Cytopathology Resource Committee, the Public Affairs Committee, the Editorial Board of Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, the Engaged Leadership Network, the See, Test and Treat program and the House of Delegates. Emily is a strong advocate for both patients and pathologists and has served as a volunteer CAP member since 2000, working on the scientific research team to help ensure access to high-quality proficiency testing materials. Through the Laboratory Accreditation Program, she has led and participated in a number of laboratory inspections. As of late, Emily Volk’s focus has been on working with the state and federal government to increase awareness of the importance of patient safety.

Currently, Emily Volk is a Physician leader for patient safety and quality, pathologist and expert in laboratory administration. She is currently the Senior Vice President of Clinical Services at University Health System in San Antonio, Texas. Before serving at University Health System, she was the Chief Quality Officer at Baptist Health System in San Antonio.

Emily Volk has practiced anatomical and clinical pathology since 1999, with a focus in gastrointestinal pathology, transfusion medicine and laboratory administration. Emily has also served as a physician advisor at Tenet Healthcare on the evidence-based blood utilization initiative since January 2014. As Chair of the Patient Safety and Performance Measures Committee and member lead for the Measures & amp; Performance Assessment Workgroup of the CAP’s Economic Affairs Committee, Emily Volk is deeply involved in the development of pathologist-appropriate performance metrics for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), which has now developed into the Merit Incentive Based Payment System.

Emily Volk is also an elected member of the Board of Governors, and she is currently vice-chair of the Council on Government and Professional Affairs. Throughout her time at CAP, she has served on the Public Affairs Committee, the House of Delegates, and the Cytopathology Working Group. Emily was also the chair of the Patient Safety and Performance Measure Workgroup, where she played an active role in the creation of pathologist appropriate performance metrics for the Physician Quality Reporting System for Centers of Medicare and Medicaid services. She also served as a crucial member of the Measures & Performance Assessment Workgroup of the CAP’s Economic Affairs Committee.

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